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We are experiencing a once-in-a-generation shift in media.

TV is going digital. TV is becoming interactive. All the rules are changing.

SIMC is a fresh approach to these new rules.

HOW . . .

. . . how do you win in the new, dynamic media landscape?​ Our answer is a fresh, top-down approach:

1.    Establish open standards.
2.    Develop cross-domain collaborations.
3.    Elaborate long-term plans.​

That same top-down approach is the most effective way to build a healthy market. 


SIMC is a consortium of companies defining standards for publication and distribution of interactive digital media to TV.

  • Platform independent

  • Inter-operable

  • Open

  • Low-cost integration

  • VAST/OpenRTB  based

  • Modular and extensible

  • Designed for massive scale


Beginning in Q3 2016 the consortium is making available to advertisers a rich set of Advanced Digital TV advertising products and services.


Done June 2016


Q3 2016


Q4 2016


Q1 2017


SIMC is a LANDscape of collaborating companies.


The SIMC platform is based on core principles underlying interactions between people and any sort of information. That information can come directly from other users or from other sources, such as a smartphone. Thus our software can be used in education or entertainment as well as in advertising. SIMC is working with leaders in both education and media, to help create the future of interactive learning and of connected entertainment. Stay tuned!


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